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Jennifer is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice in the Tampa Bay Area.  She holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology (University of South Florida) and a Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling (Troy University-Tampa Bay).  As a Certified Clinical Trauma Therapist, her focus of study has been trauma and gentle healing techniques with a focus on women's issues and empowerment.

Jennifer began working with single parents in 1993, helping them to achieve employment and education goals through empowerment and exploration of self-direction.  During that time Jennifer dedicated herself to the prevention of domestic violence.  This focus allowed for the development of a philosophy that included building strength through knowledge and personal power.  Jennifer believes that there are four areas to examine which will lead to development of inner strength-security, empowerment, love and freedom or S.E.L.F.  Through a deep examination and development of these areas we can be our true and strong selves. 

Jennifer began her private practice in 2009 and that same year began her work with survivors of dangerous relationships.  Over the last decade, Jennifer has worked to create a treatment protocol for the recovery of intimate partner violence.  This protocol incudes understanding the four components of the relationship - the dangerous partner, the survivor and their SuperTraits, the pathological relational dynamics and the aftermath.  By helping survivors develop a better understanding of what happened, improved safety can be obtained.  With continued focus on safety and healing, Jennifer works with anyone seeking to disengage from a dangerous relationship, heal from traumatic events, or make life changes that are based on building inner strength.


Jennifer is the contributing author of Women in Love Psychopaths, 3rd ed.  Jennifer if also a co-author of the unpublished Personality Profiles of Women in Relationships Involving Men with Pathological Personality Features, research with Purdue University about survivors of intimate partner violence.

Jennifer has worked as a social worker, foster parent and as a volunteer legal advocate for victims of violence.  She is currently the Chair of the Pinellas Coalition to End Domestic Violence, a member of the Pinellas County Fatality Review Team, member of the Suncoast Mental Health Counseling Association and a Board Member for the University of Tampa Criminology and Criminal Justice Department Advisory Board.  Jennifer also teaches two courses on intimate partner violence for St. Petersburg College, Center for Public Safety Innovation.


Through her private practice located in Largo, Florida Jennifer hopes to continue to help people use their inner light and strength to embrace the process of gentle healing.


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